Russell Westbrook Slid Into Former NBA All-DMs Star's Only to Get Trade Rejection

Russell Westbrook joins the Washington Wizards for the 2020-21 season in exchange for a previous All-Star.

Russell Westbrook Slid Into Former NBA All-DMs Star's Only to Get Trade Rejection
Russell Westbrook Slid Into Former NBA All-DMs Star's Only to Get Trade Rejection

As a result of this transaction, the former All-Star was required to sign with Russ's then-team, the Houston Rockets. When Russ notified the former All-Star about the move through direct message, he was immediately met with opposition. Recently, the former All-Star recounted how he first denied the Lakers' current star's trade request.

Russell Westbrook Slid Into Former NBA All-Direct Star's Messages, Only to Have His Trade Request Rejected

John Wall, a senior player for the Los Angeles Clippers, was the former All-Star who denied Russ's trade request. After spending ten seasons with the Wizards, Wall eventually joined the Rockets. Initially, he opposed the move and even turned down the Lakers guard. 

John Wall described how he first turned down Russell Westbrook's trade request. 

Wall said in a recent episode of the Tidal League podcast that he first denied Westbrook's trade request in his direct messages. The five-time All-Star began by mentioning how Westbrook once dm'd Wall. Afterward, he said, "I know Russ. Me and Russ are cool, we'll say hi if we see each other, but you don't have the contact information for many individuals. Like, I admire you, but we simply don't have a relationship." 

The 32-year-old continued, "So, he direct messages me saying, 'Hey, what's your number?'" I respond, "What do you mean, what's my number?" He texts me, "Hey, DC wants to pick me up, but they told me that you don't want to leave." I'm like, 'f**k no, ni**a, been here for ten years. This is my business. Why would I wish to depart? 

Wall eventually left Washington, and the Wizards subsequently acquired Westbrook. However, when the Wizards announced the departure of the five-time All-Star, there were many crushed hearts as Wall was one of their key players. 

How did the two superstars perform following their trades? 

Wall joined the Clippers after a mutual agreement with the Rockets to not play him for the entire 2021-22 season led to his limited playing time with Houston. However, in that brief period, the five-time All-Star played 40 games and averaged approximately 20,6 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 6.8 assists per contest. 

In contrast, Westbrook only spent one season with the Wizards before to joining the Lakers. In that little span, the nine-time All-Star averaged 22.2 points, 11.5 rebounds, and 11.7 assists in one of his greatest seasons. Both superstars performed admirably for their respective teams, with Westbrook outperforming Wall statistically.

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