NBA: Shannon Sharpe starts a halftime brawl with the Grizzlies

Shannon Sharpe initiates a violent fight with the Grizzlies at halftime.

As numerous Grizzlies players gather to approach a Hall of Fame football player, referees and security intervene to resolve the confrontation.

NBA: Shannon Sharpe starts a halftime brawl with the Grizzlies
 Shannon Sharpe starts a halftime brawl with the Grizzlies

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Shannon Sharpe engaged in a heated conversation with Memphis Grizzlies players Ja Morant, Dillon Brooks, and Morant's father at the conclusion of the first half of Friday night's nationally televised game against the Los Angeles Lakers. 

The Fox Sports commentator conversed with Brooks throughout the entirety of the first half and then raged at Morant during the final possession of the second quarter. Brooks yelled at Sharpe after the halftime buzzer, and Sharpe gestured towards Brooks. 

Before centre Steven Adams moved in front of him, Morant walked near Sharpe at his courtside position. 

Tee Morant, the father of Ja Morant, joined the conversation before venue security separated everyone. 

Sharpe, 54, yelled at Tee Morant, "I bet you won't!" as security guards attempted to break up the fight. 

Brooks first refused to respond, stating, "Ask him about that." "He's the blogger or whatever he is," followed by a brief discussion on the subject. 

Morant and Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins refused to discuss the incident during the Lakers' comeback victory, which ended Memphis' 11-game winning streak. 

At halftime, Sharpe said to an ESPN reporter that he was reacting to the Grizzlies' talk. 

Sharpe stated, "They do all that talking and jockeying, and I'm not into that jockeying." "The event began with Dillon Brooks. I asserted that he was too little to defend LeBron." 

The former tight end claimed that Brooks then cursed at him, and he responded in kind. According to Brooks, this was not the case, and he informed Sharpe that James missed the shot. 

"He began to attack me, and I told him, 'You don't want these problems' Then Ja began speaking out of nowhere. He had no desire for these troubles. The father then arrived, and he plainly did not want any issues. I desired all they had. Don't be duped by these fools." 

Sharpe and Tee Morant spoke with arena security in the tunnels prior to returning to their seats for the second half. At the end of the third quarter, they embraced. 

Brooks was asked if Sharpe and other fans should be permitted to return to their seats following an altercation with a player. 

"A normal pedestrian like him? No. He should not have returned to the game, but this is Los Angeles," Brooks remarked.

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