LeBron James' 38,000th career point came in the Lakers' loss to the 76ers

LeBron James set up a half-hearted screen on the left elbow before popping to the top of the key, where Russell Westbrook found him with a pass. During the first quarter of Sunday night's game against the Philadelphia 76ers, James caught the ball, set himself up, and flipped it with ease towards the basket.

LeBron James' 38,000th career point came in the Lakers' loss to the 76ers

As soon as the ball went through the nett, James became only the second player in NBA history to score 38,000 points in a career. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the player he wants, is the other person in the club. 


After the next timeout, when James's milestone basket was shown on the scoreboard at Crypto.com Arena, the PA announcer, Lawrence Tanter, said it was another great moment in Lakers history. 

But these parts of James' time with the Lakers haven't been great in terms of the team's success. The Los Angeles Lakers lost when he passed Michael Jordan on the list of all-time points scored. When he passed Kobe Bryant, the team lost in Philadelphia, and when he became the second-leading scorer of all time, the team lost in Washington.

And by the time the buzzer went off and 76ers star Joel Embiid shot the ball into the air, points 38,000 and 38,001 couldn't really be celebrated because James's team had just lost.

The Lakers lost another heartbreaker to the Philadelphia 76ers, 113-112. Westbrook's drive that could have won the game didn't work. 

Coach Darvin Ham said, "It stinks to lose a close game like this." 

Westbrook said afterwards that Embiid grabbed his wrist and stopped him from taking a clean shot. 

Westbrook said, "I tried to attack them and get to the basket." "It's too bad, but he was holding on to my wrist. I wasn't able to get the ball up. But everything is fine." 


James was great the whole game, but his 360-degree layup in the second half showed that he's getting older in a way that few athletes have in any sport. 

Ham said, "I thought 'Bron was great. He really played downhill and the right way." "Running, getting off the ball, and really finding guys. I thought he did a fantastic job." 

But on the last play, James didn't touch the ball. 

"Down one, you've got one of our best playmakers at the rim, one of our best finishers at the rim, with the ball and Embiid in front of him. Ham said, "I'll take that every day of the week and twice on Sunday." "We have to finish the play right now. All done. Try to get to the rim by working harder and stronger. All done. That's all there is to it. And it just didn't work out." 

He scored 35 points and had 8 rebounds and 10 assists. Westbrook had 20 points, 14 rebounds, and 11 assists. This was his fourth triple-double of the season, which is the most for an NBA reserve. 

Even though the Lakers' best players fought hard and played well, they lost for the third time in a row. Embiid's smooth midrange game in the fourth quarter was the difference. 

They had a chance to win after Troy Brown Jr. made a three-pointer and the Lakers stopped them, but Ham didn't call a timeout as Westbrook moved the ball up the left wing. With Embiid guarding him, Westbrook turned the ball over as he drove to the basket. He then sat down under the basket in frustration as the game ended. 

Ham said he didn't think about calling a timeout because the ball was with one of the best players on the team. 

Ham said, "We just need to be better, and we need to finish the game better." 

James Harden had 24 points and 13 assists, and Embiid had 35 points and 11 boards. 

As James gets closer to breaking Abdul-record, Jabbar's it is clearer that he is telling the truth about why the Lakers keep losing. 

The quiet answers and subtle digs have been replaced by straight-up truths like, "I don't play basketball at this level just to play basketball. He said last month in Miami, "It's no longer in my DNA."

Even though the Lakers have recently lost, they aren't exactly playing "losing basketball." After some questionable calls at the end of regulation and the first overtime, they lost to Dallas in double overtime. 

And against the 76ers on Sunday night, the team had plenty of chances, including one when the game was on the line. 

After that, Ham said again that he was sure Westbrook could handle being down one with the ball and a centre in front of him, just like the coach would be sure James could handle it.

Westbrook said after the game that his time in the NBA has taught him that one empty possession, even the last one, is just as important as any other. 

He said, "I know the game wasn't decided by the last shot." 

Other problems, like bad three-point shooting, a short rotation, Embiid's dominance, and Harden's mastery, also made a difference. So did the Lakers' play, which still has Westbrook and his teammates thinking they are a good team. 

But the standings will need to say the same as soon as possible. 

James said, "We play good basketball." "We can't seem to win games."


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